Mary K. Taylor

As a seasoned business professional and life coach, I offer a unique blend of complementary services in Image, Fitness, and Nutrition. I align your personal style with your life and career aspirations to help you create a powerful personal brand. I give you the skills and tools to succeed.

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Start With the Right Mind-Set

Using our simple, eight-step goal-setting process, you will gain clarity about your goals and ambitions. I take a holistic approach to each individual by combining skills in life coaching, image, nutrition and fitness, which makes my practice unique.

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Image Services

We teach image strategies that help you develop a brand consistent with the context in which you live and work. We employ concrete tools such as color analysis, body type, fit, style, and wardrobe review to create your authentic signature style.

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93% of communication is non-verbal, comprising appearance and behavior. Only 7% is verbal. In fact, University of Illinois research shows that communication is:

  • 55% appearance and body language
  • 38% voice tone
  • 7% the actual words spoken
We will teach you how to communicate effectively and make a great first impression every tme.

Corporate Services

We use a customized company needs assessment to design the right corporate program for your organization. Our client-centric mentality keeps our clients at the center of everything we do. We take your company and your staff to the next level. Your initial consultation is complimentary.

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Create a more powerful impression by building a strong personal and professional brand. Your signature style tells people who you are before you speak a word. Key elements of branding include appearance, body language, communication, and overall presentation. At Navigating Life, we help you refine your goals, signature style, and enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Using these tools, you will naturally and easily project a confident image the moment you enter a room.

Hands around the sun

Start With the Right Mind-Set; Realize More Powerful Outcomes

Use our simple, eight-step goal-setting process to gain clarity about your goals and ambitions. When you’re clear about your goals, you more easily manifest your intended outcome. Our solid background as corporate image professionals and brand specialists creates a perfect framework to build a customized program for you and your organization.


Manifest Your Destiny;
Build A Congruent Professional Brand

As seasoned image consultants, we start with a needs assessment focused on appearance, body language and communication. Based on the results, we employ a variety of tools to create your authentic, signature brand. We focus on developing your skills to further your professional growth. Professional congruency enhances your power and presence.


Enhance Your Communications; Improve Business Relationships

Non-verbal signals account for more than 90 percent of communication. Refining your professional communication style will improve your business relationships and overall success. To help you develop a polished image, we provide tools that include instruction in presentation skills, posture, eye contact, body language, voice tone, inflection and delivery.

Mary Zimmerman

Bring it All Together; Create Your Own Signature Style

We support your professional goals, whether you want to focus on a single area or take advantage of a comprehensive package to help you achieve success. As seasoned image consultants, brand professionals and communication experts, we help you achieve your business goals. Studies show that people who pay attention to their professional brand make 20 percent more than those who do not. Think of us as your turnkey branding solution!

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!